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'I thought it was so important that I never call my sister a liar,' he said.In a lot of cases, he says, the victim is called a liar 'and has to deal with it later on.There, he said, he would be beaten up because of his age and the nature of his crime, while the guards turned a blind eye.After being released aged 16, he joined high school.The same thing happened - but worse - when he went to college to study political science.

A Texas boy may find himself branded a sex offender aged just 14 because he slept with his 12-year-old 'girlfriend'.

He got married and bought a pizza restaurant in Witchita Falls, but decided to commute from another county because he didn't want to have to register as a sex offender where his business was.

The police found out; he was fined again and lost his business.

Everything went well - he was named 'friendliest boy' - until a local newspaper did a report on sex offenders.

He was shunned by his former friends and even teachers.

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'You would think the law would be more sympathetic as you go younger, because both parties are immature.'He added: 'The idea that a 14-year-old who has sex with a person just a little bit younger then him or her would be treated as the worst of the worst in our society and placed on the sex offender registry is really sick.' Jay Jenkins, an attorney for the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, which wants to raise the age of criminal responsibility, said such cases were not unusual.'That's the arbitrary nature of our sexual offense laws,' he said.

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