Clay boardman dating jenny sanford who is jared murillo dating

Dating: Jenny Sanford and Georgia businessman Clay Boardman, her rep told ABC News.The two met when the former first lady of South Carolina (her divorce from straying Gov. "She looks so familiar, but I can't place her." There, near the entrance of the exclusive Vanity Fair/Bloomberg after party at the French ambassador's residence, stood Kathryn Bigelow, without her Best Director Oscar. "I might be able to do something about that," responded the startled actor.

It's difficult to believe that Jon Stewart wasn't there, as he loves the Democrats to the point of not being funny sometimes. In my opinion, all those "celebrities" were not the heavyweight of filmdom, etc.

(Mary Ann Chastain/AP; C5N via AP) Last week, Jenny Sanford unveiled new beau Clay Boardman at the White House correspondents' dinner. The couple were arm in arm at the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada, then seen having brunch in Key Largo, according to tipsters who blabbed to Gawker.

The governor's office was closed Monday (South Carolina celebrated Confederate Memorial Day), but Charleston's Post and Courier confirmed with the resort's PR rep that Sanford spent the weekend in Florida with an unidentified female. "The governor has long moved past discussing matters in his personal life publicly," Sanford spokesman Ben Fox told the paper.

His arms were around her waist as they talked with another couple. And then his arm was draped the length of her back, his hand gently grazing her behind.

This year there was only one zeitgeisty figure amid the showbiz cluster: Jenny Sanford, the former first lady of South Carolina -- there with her new boyfriend of about six weeks, Georgia businessman Clay Boardman.

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