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For general, informational purposes, a public records background check can be conducted by virtually anyone, the preferred method typically being an instant online background check.These background checks are initiated using a name (or sometimes maiden name, if applicable) and last known city and/or state of residence when known.A US background check typically refers to a tailored report consisting of records about an individual ranging from basic personal details (such as past addresses and phone numbers) and other public records up to work/education verification and credit history – as well as the process used to compile this information.

Still other background checks such as those for firearms purchases or in applications for certain jobs may also require a fingerprint, which is run through the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).

Further, these background check companies will ONLY take on companies/organizations as clients who are performing background checks for specific permissible purpose (i.e.

those governed by the FCRA) – meaning that there is an application and approval process before being able to initiate a search.

As the public records data has already been gathered and organized, preview information, including an approximate age, friends/relatives/associates, and general address history, is generated instantly in list form with all available potential matches sorted by likelihood.

Provided the person initiating the search has at least some basic knowledge about the person being searched (such as age or the name of a past roommate or close relative), the preview data can help ensure with a reasonable degree of certainty that the correct person has been identified before the complete background report is generated.

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