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Some survivors reported seeing a wooden plank ripping away from the ship at around 5am, followed by gushing water inundating the boat and quickly pulling it under near Titov island, about an hour from mainland's shore.'Her mother and I were only blessed with her for a short while. But what was so amazing was that she was so well-rounded. This family of loaches, sometimes called sting-loaches, is found in Eurasia and Morocco and has about 28 genera with about 236 species (Berra, 2001; Nelson, 2006; Eschmeyer and Fong, 2011).

A consequence of this form of movement is a reduction in fin size and variation.

Iranian species have one pair of rostral barbels and a rounded or slightly emarginate caudal fin and belong to the subfamily Cobitinae.

Menon (1992) considers that structural details of the bony covering of the swimbladder and the nature of the scales are only of use at the generic level.

Clonal forms, for example, are polyploids and have larger eggs and therefore reduced individual fecundity, and hatchlings are larger, perhaps with higher fitness initially in a local environment.

The usual population fecundity of clonal forms being twice that of a bisexual species does not apply here because of the larger eggs.

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Hybrid lineages are known, produced by gynogenesis and are nearly all-female.

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