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Thank you so much for your site and if I can help you let me know. Now I experience hardest days because my communication with you is being hindered without my fault. I do not know how much time will it take for me to find another job with Internet access because economic situation in our region is in stage of sickness. It is better if you send the money before Saturday because I'll officially will not be able to communicate with you from the next week. The letters on your site from Steve are identical to my letters. I'm so pleased that you can understand my not so good English language, that I has learned in school and in College. I like reading, step-aerobics, can do sewing and embroidering, everything that is new is the field for me to explore.

The psychologists of international marriage agency emphasize, that on the other hand, foreign ladies are more career-oriented and independent. Natali’s marriage agency Kiev is one of the most popular and reliable dating agency in Ukraine.

Elena too quickly professed her undying love for me then soon after started asking for money for visa than a computer (yet she said she had no phone) I only sent her 40 dollars than 50 dollars out of foolish sympathy. My soul strongly opposes to what I'm going to ask you now. Could you help me to buy a computer - not new but at least good working with modem? Close Jaint Stock Company Bank "Diplomat" Uritskogo st. You can send the funds by Western Union to your contact who will pay to us then, or directly to us, to the name of our account manager. I responded in a innocent manner to gather information. Perhaps you will be surprised when you receive my letter. I'm attractive young lady with fair hair and green eyes. I love my profession very much, and I want to continue my career abroad. As to my character people consider me to be kind and caring, understanding and balanced..

What leads me to think this is the same lady (or a cohort) is that Marie's and Natalia's letters on your black list page are too similar. Its price here (Pentium I, RAM 4MB, hard drive 1 GB, floppy disk, monitor 14'') is 250 US dollars. 36, Tyumen, 625000 RUSSIA Elena Maltseva They will tell you ten digits, which you should re-send to me. You will need to specify in transfer details : Russia, Ekaterinburg, Dmitry Baklykov Sincerely yours, First Marrige Agency in Ekaterinburg "ANGELINA" Our Address Russia, Ekaterinburg, 15 Lenina street, Number 0117-3434-86-77-19 i lost around 1500 dollars. Soon there was a request for money and after I responded again the scammer supplied her identity with an array of payment options. I've known about you from the International marriage agency in our town. I am a very romantic and sensual person, extremely feminine and tender, a bit of shy too..

Our marriage agency in Kiev will organize every step of your meeting.

Natali’s marriage agency Ukraine has been working since 2003.

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