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In 1758 the Lancashire-born antiquary, John Lodge (†1774), reported to parliament that the rolls office in Dublin castle was ‘in a very ruinous state, being supported by props from top to Bottom’.

The munitions block and a portion of Headquarters block went up in flames and smoke …It can’t be long now, I thought, until the real noise comes.Ernie O’Malley, So runs Ernie O’Malley’s romanticized account of the destruction of the Record Treasury of the Public Record Office of Ireland, part of the Four Courts complex occupied by IRA ‘irregulars’ during the Easter vacation of 1922.Thus in 1380 we hear that ‘Dublin castle is ruined and devastated and in many places greatly undermined because of the negligence of the king’s ministers who ought to attend to repairs, so that the king’s cousin, Edmund Mortimer, earl of March and Ulster, lieutenant, cannot hold a great council … nor can the rolls and records be safely kept there for their protection, as is customary, to the king’s great disgrace and detriment’.This is an early statement of what was to become a familiar refrain.

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A first obstacle to be negotiated was the fact that the records were scattered among several different repositories.

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