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In this paper, we present the results of a recent attempt to construct formal models for the chronology of the wider Vinca potscape, so that we can place our now detailed understanding of changes at Belo Brdo within their contemporary contexts.We present our methodology for assessing the potential of the existing corpus of more than 600 radiocarbon dates for refining the chronology of the five phases of Vinca ceramics proposed by Milojcic across their spatial ranges, including a total of 490 of them in a series of Bayesian chronological models.

Modelled date estimates place the end of the site in the second half of the forty-sixth century cal BC.La discusión de estos resultados incluye referencias a los resultados de un amplio estudio de la cronología radiocarbónica de Valencina actualmente en prensa (García Sanjuán et al., En Prensa), en términos de la temporalidad de este gran asentamiento calcolítico y la posición de Montelirio en la misma.Abstract: We present a study of the Montelirio tholos chronology based on 22 radiocarbon dates and their formal modelling through Bayesian statistics.Perhaps nowhere in European prehistory does the idea of clearly-defined cultural boundaries remain more current than in the initial Neolithic, where the southeast–north-west trend of the spread of farming crosses what is perceived as a sharp divide between the Balkans and central Europe.This corresponds to a distinction between the Vinča culture package, named for a classic site in Serbia, with its characteristic pottery assemblage and absence of longhouses, and the Linearbandkeramik (LBK), with equally diagnostic but different pottery, and its apparently culturally-diagnostic longhouses, extending in a more northerly belt through central Europe westward to the Dutch coast.

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