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It is their desire that all will adhere to Christian principles and behavior in regards all areas, including language, dating, dress, etc.

They meet a few times a month for fellowship and fun at the church and take in various community events.

Over the holidays, I found myself watching the trailer for the upcoming flick “How to Be Single”, in which two minutes worth of movie clips communicates a message of singleness defined as an empty relational freedom to do whatever, with whomever, for however long – no strings attached.

As a pastor who happens to be single right now, I think I can speak for the 45% of the U. population who is single right now and say it’s not an easy place to be.

There’s just something inside all of us that does not want to be alone. And some of us listen to the culture around us for advice on what to do with that desire.

This culture echoes a duplicity of voices, of ways to “handle” singleness, and it shines at us on small screens and big screens.

You saw some of them that morning on your way to church – out running, walking dogs, grocery shopping.

You met up with some of them when you gathered for worship – they arrived early or snuck in late or maybe they served communion or taught your kids or sung harmony.

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The truth is, as a single adult, it took many of us weeks to muster up enough chutzpah to enter into a strange church building into a service by ourselves, or months of invitations from a friend from work to bring us to an event or Bible study. Sermons always mentioned family – which we didn’t have, and any sermons or studies about love, sex, and dating came from married men with multiple children who have never known what it’s like to date online or be single in their late 20’s, in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s.

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