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There are a few reasons why a dude would lie about loving you and if you’re curious, here they are: Yes, what you're fearing is true: there are plenty of guys out there who will say things they don't mean just to sleep with a girl. Some guys are better at hiding it than others, while it is sometimes more obvious.

You go into a relationship, however big or small, filled with hope and that amazing feeling of bliss. The book describes how many of our childhood, social and family surroundings shape our sense of what feels “right” in the world to us.

Sure, most of us carry in some healthy skepticism as well, but it’s hard not to get drunk off of those amazing feelings of desire, imagining possibilities, connectedness, etc. Especially those amazing relationships where you just feel this indescribable connection and “rightness” with the other person..

People talk about chemistry a lot in relationships.

Sometimes it's things like he just wants a girlfriend to make someone else jealous. " It If a dude just got out of a relationship recently, is already dating you and says "I love you" pretty quickly, that could definitely mean that he's using you as a rebound.

Or he wants to keep you around because you do his homework. He probably isn't doing this intentionally - he could be projecting his feelings for his ex onto you.

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