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Townsend (in the voice of Roger Daltrey) wakes up with one enormous question: Who are you? As for the Pistols, Rotten(who had quite avant-garde taste in music) slagged them off, but Steve Jones(guitarist) and Paul Cook(drummer)were not-so-secret Who fans, and the Pistols covered "Substitute" in their very early days. Soho is the night-club area and Pete was drinking with Steve Cook and Paul Jones of the sex pistols. The earlier parts are autobiographical, with him getting into the Sex Pistols and repeatedly and sarcastically asking them who they think they are.It's addressed to Cook and Jones (Who are these upstarts, who would never have played a not had not Townshend picked up a guitar more than a decade back? The song refers to an incident at the Speakeasy Club in London (a well known meeting place for established rock musicians) when a very drunk Pete Townshend, tortured by the Who's "selling out" was bemused to see Cook and Jones and started haranguing them telling them "You've got to take over where the Who left off- and this time you've got to finish the f***ing job". He was telling them that they were the future of music and they had to take the "baton". " preaching from my chair "This, to me, is the best song by the Who.(idealism, politics, the voice of youth, as he was now a millionaire) Petes, "preaching from his chair" was his lecture to the boys on how they were socially and musically the next wave of at one time the Who had represented as the leaders of the "new revolution." Townshend upset with not only his perception of his own bands sell out and the horrible 70's indulgence of rock, lectured the lads on what the pistols meant as the future of music.To verify this actually event occuring there is a foto of the 3 sitting at i believe the roxy.

I remember when the song came out - at the height of punk. In the eighties when Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious and other members of the Punk Revolution went around stating that "they" were the original punks/anarchists.

(who the stones had recommended to the band after the modfather Pete Meadon had led them down their first path of fiancial instability) Klien had taken advantage of the band, as it is well known many "managers" did in that time period.

There was a settlement that day in London with Klien that made the entire band solvent millionaires for the first time.

); to the cop who, recognizing Townshend, sends him home without a bust (Who are the fans? Pete became even more exasperated when Cook and Jones' response was "The Who aren't splitting up are they? This is based on Dave Marsh's comprehensive biog "Before I Get Old", and Townshend has always been obsessively analyitical and concerned about the Who's relevance to current music. Other songs by them that rank up there include "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Behind Blue Eyes", "I Can See For Miles", "Baba O'Riley", "Love Reign O'er Me" and "Bargain". Not only did it have the F-word both times, but it also had another verse that I don't have on my version on my I-pod.

As for Brandon's question about the final verse (on the album version, not the single release) about "Spit out like a sewer" I think this is probably about him getting back to his long suffering wife the following morning! I've read all the comments listed below and Neil from London is the only one Who got it right. Something with the line "spit out like a sewer hole, but I still receive your kiss." What gives and how does this verse fit in with the rest of the song???

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