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Ignoring session (giving)speedy tips session (receiving)Goddess Worship-CFNM clothed female naked man Female Supremacy Total Power Exchangeslave training (giving)sissy training humiliation (giving ..

It is a privilege to give free talk/preview,but dont abuse it. Tell me about yr fetishes/submissive side/intos/limits. )(MOST OF THIS session are SAFE SANE AND CONSENSUAL, using my SOPHROLOGY not forgot that I am also expert in VERBAL AND MENTAL HUMILIATION):*************************************************************************************************************************************Ownership&Collaring; (mind control),slave&sissy;&chastity;&anal;&human; pet training,humiliation(giving),speedy tips session,abrasion DISCIPLINE: you need: ruler, whip, crop, flog, tissues, aloe vera gel, tooth paste and bookssissification,bimbofication,verbal abuse,tease&denial;,blk,feminization,erotic hypno,medical&foot;°radation; play(giving),massage prostate,figging,keyholding,cuckolding,pay pigs,interrogation,orgasm denial/control,exposer/public humiliation(giving),watersports training(giving), Wrestling fantesy.waxing(giving),em domination&task; settings.

renovation of MY NEW WORK ROOM 3 368 tokens ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO ACCOMPLISHED ASAP! Bank House Rate: 16 000 tokens /month (until 25 of month)3.

Surgical correction of ear lobe(one was split because of my earings): 17 700 tokens TOTAL: 51 068 tokens *************************************************************************************************************************************ADOPT bill/s: 1/as many as you can afford it! Health/retire Assurance 4 000 tokens /month (until 25 of month)2.

I have years of experience in both online and RT Femdom. I accept visitors/submissives/slaves/servants/sissy(with/without experience)4learning this games with this tools: abrasion webcam,sandpaper,,rough silk, Age play no webcam,role-playing Anal Training/massage the prostate webcam, Plugs, Dildos, Beads, Balls, Anchors, Lube ,hairbrush,cucumber/carrot/banana/etc, pen ass fetish clothed worship /-webcam (obvious not naked ass, idiot!

also for increase levels of submissions or masochism,not only financial..),mind fucking (giving),micro managing (or Giantess fetish)f*rced intox (giving),corporal punishment (giving),ass training (giving)/massage of prostate,y need webcam, Plugs, Dildos, Beads, Balls, Anchors, Lube ,hairbrush,cucumber/carrot/banana/etc, pen ,edging y need webcam,religious blasphemy,religious humiliation (giving),blasphemy play,hierophilia,medical play,food play (giving),human pet training (giving),figging (giving),keyholding (giving)*************************************************************************************************************************************I am looking for dedicated,loyal and obedient ONLINE(JUST ONLINE) human souls, fetishists, kinksters, slaves, sissies, sluts, subs, cuckolds, pay pigs and servants to torment, torture, train, drain, teach and tease. I am only interested in online at the moment, I am NOT looking for any new RT.*************************************************************************************************************************************I've collected a bunch of simple facts about serving me in my channels: I am an expert in slave and sissy training. Anything you need,just tribute to me what u have.if y want only to look at y.*************************************************************************************************************************************My fetish accademy starts everytime when I'm online.

Daca chiar ai mai gasit inca o alta parere, ridica cealalta mana si acopera mana stanga asezata pe gura ta, poate ii e frig. True financial domination means that the slave TRIBUTES money(here TOKENS) on his own volition (i dont need to tease and sweat or yell at you, nerd/jerk/loser! ("oh, yr shows r poor" "show me your pussy, bb" "you will be my slave because u need money"... True power is having the opportunity to say NO and laugh at the same time. Pls visit my folder: Tokens gifts list for my online room to choose gifts for my online dungeon! *************************************************************************************************************************************FEBRUARY EXTRA bills: ATTENTION!

I'm here to pandering your fetishes and hunt your weakness, feeding myself with your kinky fantasies or empting your balance account.

I am a nightmare of woman for assholes*including those who considering about himself a gentleman but their facts are of being shitasses, parasites OR/AND extremists idiots.************************************************************************************************************************************ WARNING!

I have been cam verified on Elite Financial Domination. Fear /-webcam, Feet /-webcam, Nailpolish, Anklets, Toe ringsfeminization webcam,woman clothes&accesories;, Flattening Lingerie, Wigs, High Heels,lips sticks,make-up Food Play webcam,food,liquids,foot worship /-webcam Fisting webcam, Lube Flogging webcam,whip with many tailsf*rced-dressing/feeding/homosexuality/heterosexuality/masturbation/nudity/servitudegolden&brown; showers WEBCAM, Rubber or Plastic sheets, GLASS, SPOON, PLATE, GSTRING ETCGags & Blindfolds /-webcam, Hoods, Blindfolds, Ball gags, Bit gags,cuffts Gas mask webcam,heavy s/m scening Genital Piercing /-webcam, Nipple , Vaginal, Penile or Anal piercings Hairbrush Spanking webcam,hairbrush Hair Pulling webcam, Hair-cut webcam,scissors,comb,hairbrush, Hair Trimmers/clipper, High Heels fetish /-webcam Housework webcam, Humiliation /-webcam, Bondage gear, Restraints (erotic)Hypnotism /-webcam, Interrogations /-webcam Jerk-off Instruction /-webcam Leather /-webcam, Harnesses, Suits, Hoods, Licking /-webcam Lingerie fetish /-webcam Machines WEBCAM, Mechanic fucking machines Masks WEBCAM, Masquerade masks, Spandex hoods, Gas masks Medical /-webcam, Probes, Penis plugs, Speculums, Dilators Mind Control /- webcam Orgasm Control /-webcam Orgasm Denial /-webcam, Chastity devices Outfits /-webcam, Role-play clothes Pain webcam, Ball stretcher/crusher, Cock rings, Testicle cuffs, Humbles,households,leather,brushes.paddle, Tweezer clamps, Clothespins, Riding Crop Clover clamps, Chains, Whips, Crops, Floggers, Bull whips, Flicker whips, Canes,belt,gates of hells(cock ring),hot wax,ice cubs, Nipple Rings,etc Pegging webcam,strapon Pony play WEBCAM, Crops, Body harness, Bridle set, Bit gag, Leash, Ponytail anal plug Public Humiliation money, /-webcam(ask what else u need)Punishment /-webcam Pussy Fetish Clothed Worship /-webcam ( (doesnt mean, that i will get my legs for make your job more easy.

I communicate with my slaves and servants on sites in privat or after send me tribute in free/public chat I do email dominating and task setting, as well. )auctioned for charity/sells Balloons /-webcam, Regular or Body-sized balloons, Inflatables, Pool toys balls stretching webcam,strecher,bathroom use control /-webcambeating webcam,tools for beatingblindfolds webcam,"body art"branding /-webcam Boot Worship /-webcam Bondage webcam, Restraints, Ropes, Cuffs, Collars, Straps, Chains,hobble skirt breath control webcam Busting balls webcam,balls crusher,paddle, Cages webcam Caning webcam, cane, Castration/neutering Fantasy /-webcam, /- emasculator, /- Depo Provera, /-anti-androgen dru*s/Benperidol/gynecomastia/diethylstilbestrol/cyproterone acetate/anti-androgens cells or closets fantasy /-webcamchamber-pot use webcam Chastity Training/enforced chastity WEBCAM, Chastity belts, Chastity devices, Asslocks, Cock cages chemicals castraction fantasy /-webcamchores webcam,perform chores and / or domestic service Cock & Ball Torture (CBT) WEBCAM, Ball stretcher/crusher, Cock rings, Testicle cuffs, Humblerleather, Tweezer clamps, Riding Crop, Weights, Chains, Whips, Crops, Floggers, Bull whips, Flicker whips, Canes,gates of hells(cock ring), vibrating ring,urethral rod, Nipple Rings, Anal beads, Prostate massagers,parachute(small collar),testicle cuffs, cock/balls stretcher, Crushing Device, Urethral Spreader, Electro Rings, Electro Rod, chastity cage, cock tube, vibrating urethral rod, Spiked Cock Ring, Urethral Rod ecc ; households: Rubber Bands, Shoelace, String, tape,candle wax for hot wax,ice cubs, pliers, needles,nettles,hotchilli paper, Wooden Spoon, Clover clamps,brushes,paddle, Clothespins, leather belt, Spiked Wheel ecccompetion role-play /-webcam Condoms /-webcam, Condoms of various shapes,colors & tastes Creampie/breeding/seeding webcam,internal ejaculation, internal cum shot Crossdressing /-webcam, Flattening Lingerie, Wigs, High Heels,lips sticks,make-up crotch torture webcam,needles,qtips, Cuckolding /-webcam, NYLONS, Chastity devices Cum Play WEBCAM, Sperm or sperm-like substancesdouble penetration training webcam, Plugs, Dildos, Beads, Balls, Anchors, Lube,needles,qtips,dirty talk /-webcam Discipline webcam, Restraints, Spanking gear, Outfits,hobble skirt Domination /-webcam,submissive mood, Bondage gear, Restraints Deformations / Disabilities WEBCAM, VERBAL HUMILIATION Electrosex/electrostimulation /-webcam, Electro stimulation devices eye contact restrictions /-webcamexhibitionism role-play /-webcam EXPOSER /-webcam/pictures/videos,twitter or fetlife account Face Riding/facesitting /-webcam, ITS A ROLE-PLAY BECAUSE WE R ON CYBERSPACE.

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*****************************************************************************************************************************************3 368 tokens remains from 1-st Imp EXTRA bill renovation of MY NEW WORK ROOM 47 700 tokens next 2 extra bills 1 345 642 tokens for FEMALE SUPREMACY Legacy, via profile! *****************************************************************************************************************************************I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I If I am in a bathroom robe or any kind of robe.... Nu sunt romancutele tale si nici genul de stapana de care probabil esti pasionat. (not everyone does it) Wash your hands&penis;, BEFORE masturbating because after you will cum, need to eat yr cum from yr hand! *****************************************************************************************************************************************ATTENTION! *************************************************************************************************************************************PARAPHILIA: is a sexual perversion/deviation based on an intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, associated by individuals. One of the method to keep it under control any types of paraphilia is Cognitive behavioral therapy*CBT using a combination of the basic principles from behavioral and cognitive psychology.

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