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Kean) and includes a Catholic priest (Michael Place) and a conservative author and commentator (Linda Chavez) alongside Planned Parenthood’s vice president of medical affairs (Vanessa Cullins) and a senior fellow at the left-leaning Center for American Progress (Maria Echaveste). “Hint: If you had sex, the answer is probably yes,” it continues.The National Campaign is currently celebrating a historic decline in teen pregnancy and births. “The reality is, men and women’s bodies are designed to reproduce,” explains a blog post on the National Campaign’s site Stay With all the explicit talk about sex, it’s hard to tell that Bedsider is actually a website promoting birth control for women; that, at least, is what it claims to be doing. Reaching it should be a bipartisan, inter-religious effort.

Yet, the “sexy” approach taken by Bedsider is not only out of step with the “be responsible” message of the National Campaign’s past initiatives; it also raises questions about how effective, ultimately, this campaign will be. Simply stated, there are complex problems in young Americans’ relationships that contraception cannot simply fix, and the encouragement of more uncommitted sex may only perpetuate the trouble.“As a new romance deepens, young women who are ‘not exactly planning’ to have children may nonetheless begin to look for signs of their partner’s willingness to ‘do the right thing’ if they were to ‘wind up pregnant,’” The pattern of negative behavior that strains or breaks the relationships between mothers and their children’s fathers often crops up in the first few months after the birth because young fathers find that the promises they made, perhaps at the magic moment of birth, to trade street life for family life are not the ones they are truly prepared to keep. “In addition, those who engaged in casual sex were more likely to later seriously consider suicide.” Further, books such as , by Laura Sessions Stepp (who serves as senior media fellow at the National Campaign) detail the diminished self-esteem and the depressive patterns that women especially experience as a result of multiple sex partners and uncommitted sex.Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher has offered numerous analyses of the effects of sex and love on the brain, including one noting that women particularly may be more vulnerable to developing feelings of attachment to a sexual partner, regardless of romantic intentions or commitment, because of the hormones activated in the sexual act.Therefore, it should be in an ideal position to lead on the issue of twentysomething pregnancy. “We think in the meantime women should have the right to a healthy, happy sex life without having to worry about unplanned pregnancy.” So Bedsider offers a birth-control finder to help you find the method that fits your lifestyle so you can explore your sex life — with or without a committed partner.Yet Bedsider has taken a vastly different approach on this matter, and it’s likely to make those individuals who are serious about the issue more than a little uncomfortable. Bedsider has a recipe that will “make your lover rip off his or her clothing immediately,” because it may act as an “aphrodisiac food.” “Ready to unleash your artistic side in the bedroom? They have tips for you: “Get creative in the bedroom: Have sex. No need to worry about that, Bedsider says, in another post on Frisky Fridays: “Some of the most modern, empowered, secure, sexylicious women among us have had at least one walk of shame.” The e-cards and graphics shared on Bedsider’​s Facebook page are more than a little suggestive, with direct invitations for casual sex, celebrations of a life without children, and photos that resemble genitalia and pornography. — not a daddy) explaining female birth control are downright vulgar and only add to the idea that men don’t want to commit to a woman (or a child they father); all they want is easy access to sex. The goal of the Bedsider campaign — lowering unintended pregnancies among twentysomethings — is good.

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Forty-eight percent of first births are to unmarried women; specifically, by age 25, 44 percent of women will have had a baby, whereas only 38 percent will have married, according to the Knot Yet report, co-authored by the National Campaign, the National Marriage Project, and Relate Institute.

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