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They paved the way for other musicians including The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, and Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart.

I got attracted to the sound of the Everly Brothers when they started out in 1957.

God bless you Phil, I'm sure you went straight to heaven, on the Wings Of A Nightingale!

Rick Diaz It's always sad when a musical icon passes and Phil Everly was one of the largest. loved you for years and was so sad to hear you had died.

I remember listening to their songs on the oldies station.

Phil & his older brother, Don had perfect harmonies.

I pestered my folks to buy me their first album, THEY'RE OFF AND ROLLING which featured BYE BYE LOVE and WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE. When The Beatles came along in 1964, I split my affection between the two acts.A great rocker called ON THE WINGS OF A NIGHTINGALE. All we have now are great memories and a few autographs we gathered at concerts. Ode to Phil, So Sad he passed away His music is now a long time gone All i have to do is dream when i hear his voice I have Problems with his dead But he can not Walk Right Back I would ask hem Let it be me No more Bird Dog But it is The price of love For me Always it's you If i hear him sing That will be the day No Im not angry His sound is Like Strangers I am Crying in the rain, but Don't blame me It's The love of my life, Oh what a feeling Bye Bye Philand Bye Bye love His Ebony eyes is like a Wings on a Nightingale Barbara ellen, How can i meet her, Maybe tomorrow Love is strange but When will i be loved Memories ar made of this Cathy's Clown Claudette and Poor Jenny are still Devoted to you So It Always will be But now It's all over but Love hurts Greetings to everyone Henk Founder of the first Everly Brothers Fan Club in Holland From that first day in 1957 when we first heard your music until forever.... My thoughts and prayers and deepest sympathy to your wire, to all your family members and especially Donald. He went on to give me an impromptu class on songwriting, using Irving Berlin as an example.You played a major influence in my life and am so blessed because of it. With so much love and devotion, Michael I'm so sorry to hear that such a great man has passed on, Phil will be greatly missed. Phil told me that he, and his brother could not decide what format the album would be, so they decided not to do it. He told me to keep writing all the time, you never know what will take off.A dream came true for me in 1984 when Paul Mc Cartney gave the Everly's a new song for their comeback album. The topper to my story is that during the year of the comeback I had a son born and at 3 years old he learned to read by looking at the back of Everly Brothers albums and trying to pick out the names of songs.To this day it is one of my favorite songs by anybody. My son also mastered the guitar in later years because of Don and Phil.

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I was young when I first heard Don and Phil and their harmonies were stamped on my soul.

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