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If the fibroids grow towards the abdomen, they become big lumps and can make women look pregnant, and press on the bladder or bowel causing them to need the loo more. Some patients need an operation even if the fibroid has shrunk, if symptoms return, but Professor Downes says fewer than 25 per cent of his patients needed surgery.'Those who did still benefited from Esmya; they lost less blood and the fibroid was smaller and therefore easier to remove.'Fibroids naturally have a rich blood supply, so there can be too much bleeding to carry out surgery accurately and operations may need to be stopped prematurely, says Martin Powell, Katherine's consultant gynaecologist at Nottingham University NHS Trust (who is part of a multi-centre European study looking into the drug). It can thicken the womb lining - a condition known as endometrial hyperplasia, which is associated with a slightly higher risk of womb cancer.In many women, periods get much lighter or stop; they return around six weeks after treatment stops.'Esmya is a significant breakthrough,' says Professor Ellis Downes, a consultant gynaecologist at the Portland Hospital, London.'From my experience, and from the published studies, after three months on Esmya, fibroids shrink by an average of 50 per cent, it gets rid of symptoms and serious side-effects are uncommon.' Symptoms include heavy periods and anaemia, pelvic pain, infertility and discomfort during sex.Mr Harris said: ‘Anyone who's flown in economy is really hoping that they're the lucky one.They could ensure that by paying a nominal fee.’The business model works for carries trying to generate extra revenue on seats that would otherwise be unused, while trying to avoid reducing earnings from business travellers already paying full fare.Sitting back: Former Virgin Atlantic chief executive Steve Ridgway tries the first-class seats in the Dreamliner 787.

An experience I’m thanking her for now but unfortunately the prickly feeling when I open up a pattern book just won’t go away. As you know we’ve already started experimenting with making patterns from our own clothes, so maybe it’s time to take the next step?The 43-year-old children's nurse, like 40 per cent of women, had fibroids.These are benign growths that develop in or around the uterus, and Katherine was unfortunately familiar with the symptoms - five years earlier she'd undergone surgery to have a large fibroid removed.'I'd always presumed my heavy periods were normal, but at that time they seemed to last longer and were heavier than before,' says Katherine, who lives with her husband Graham, 43, a shop owner, in Nottingham.Experts feel this is unwarranted major surgery, which leaves women infertile.Hysterectomies carry a 4-6 per cent risk of serious complications, such as damaging the bladder or bowel, or vaginal prolapse.

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