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However, if conflict resolution attempts should fail, you can rely on me to be strong trial advocates at Court!

Marilyn Gale Vilyus, retired founding attorney of the firm, in the past conducted family law mediations and continues to be involved in the firm in an advisory capacity.

Please contact me for further fee information regarding consultations, hourly rates, and flat fee divorces -- for those cases in which that is appropriate.

I am located in West Houston in the Energy Corridor and handle cases in Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Waller, Liberty, Travis, Austin, Galveston and Brazoria counties.

Whatever type of family law issue you have, I have the EXPERTISE to provide the needed legal service! Eric Schmidt is a Houston family law attorney who defines the phrase "CONFLICT RESOLUTION," and is dedicated to helping you keep the cost of your case as low as possible.

I understand how difficult it is to go through a divorce -- even if you were the one who made the decision to end the marriage. I do my best to be efficient and organized -- to be as considerate as I can of your time -- to give you as much notice as possible regarding Court, mediation or other deadlines -- and to be clear about "what information I need from you" and the date by which I need it.

Whether or not your spouse has an attorney, I have a strong reputation for settling cases without the need for trial.

Less time in Court means less money spent in attorney's fees and a higher rate of satisfaction with the outcome of the case, because you know better than anyone (including the Judge) what is most important to you.

This should be differentiated from those situations in which Mr.

Schmidt of this firm is hired NOT to represent our client as his or her attorney, but instead to act as the Houston Divorce Mediator himself in order to facilitate an agreement between two spouses and their respective Houston divorce lawyer. Your consultation will Of course, my office also deals with other types of Family Law Cases. returns and paystubs -- if your issue is "child support).

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The Court also knows that they can depend on the information I provide because I am known for being thorough, honest and accurate.

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