Programmed aerobicanaerobic accommodating circuit exercise

Striving to maintain this condition is important and challenging once working on detachment.

There are a number of important reasons why as a police officer you should maintain your fitness for duty throughout your career.

As we age, muscles shorten and range of motion about a joint may be affected.

A joint that has an abnormal range of motion is likely to contribute to an injury.

This component can be enhanced through resistance training, using moderate loads and high repetitions.

Flexibility is defined as the range of motion about a joint.

Flexibility will improve the ability to get in and out of a police car.

Muscular Endurance is often overlooked in strength training programs.

It is the ability to sustain a series of muscle contractions (and/or postures) for a long period of time.

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It entails both Aerobic power: the maximum rate of oxygen that the body uses to fuel the work it is doing and; Aerobic capacity: the ability to sustain a high level of work, to keep up with team members during a chase or to follow a track with a dog handler over an extended period of time, and can make the difference in the success of an arrest or track.

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