Siberian ice maiden radiocarbon dating

Some archeologist believe that horses were first domesticated by the Botai, a group of people that dressed in marmot furs with the feet still attached and lived in pit houses half dug into the ground in northern Kazakhstan about 6,000 years ago.

Excavations from a site called Krasny Yar indicate that people were quite fond of horsemeat.

Some people have speculated that the first horsemen drank the blood of their animals as cattle-herding tribes in East Africa do today.

The first horseback riders and domesticated horses were originally believed to have come from Sredni Stog culture, a site in the steppe areas east of the Dnieper River and north of the Black Sea in what is now the Ukraine, dated between 42 B. Russian archeologists excavated Sredny Stog in the 1960s and found scraps of bone and horn that resembled the cheek pieces of bridles plus wear and tear on the teeth of an excavated horse that resembled the wear and tear caused by wearing a bit.

The first domesticated horses are believed to have been horses that were herded rather than hunted.

She has also founded wear and tear on the jawbones similar to that founded on horses who use bridles.

Animals pulling carts preceded mounted riders by as much as 2,000 years.

She reasoned the horses were herded to the site and slaughtered.

Wild horses killed out on the steppe have to be chopped up in pieces to transported back to the site.

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