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Privacy, which hosts the Privacy Matters blog.Alex Abdo (@Alexander Abdo) is a staff attorney in the ACLU's National Security Project, where he litigates cases concerning the expansive surveillance policies of the post-9/11 era.For example, he was counsel in the ACLU's recent Supreme Court challenge to the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program; he is currently challenging the NSA's collection of all Americans' telephony metadata; and he is suing for release of the government's secret interpretation of Section 215 of the Patriot Act.Nicole Ozer is the Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director at the ACLU of California.She specializes in free speech and privacy litigation, particularly regarding the impact of new technologies on First and Fourth Amendment rights.She is lead counsel in the ACLU's challenge to the government's suspicionless searches of laptops at the international border, and is litigating a series of cases challenging the government's claim it can track the location of people's cell phones without a warrant. at Indiana University in 2012, which focused on the role that third party service providers play in facilitating law enforcement surveillance of their customers.He was educated at Reed College, spent a year abroad at the University of Oxford (Wadham College), and concentrated in History and Politics.

Eva Galperin is EFF's Global Policy Analyst, and has been instrumental in highlighting government malware designed to spy upon activists around the world.return to top Get the latest information about how the law is racing to catch up with technological change from staffers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the nation's premiere digital civil liberties group fighting for freedom and privacy in the computer age.This session will include updates on current EFF issues such as surveillance online and fighting efforts to use intellectual property claims to shut down free speech and halt innovation, discussion of our technology project to protect privacy and speech online, updates on cases and legislation affecting security research, and much more.His issues include user privacy, civil liberties, EULAs, and "cybersecurity" (online security).When not reading legal or legislative documents, Mark can be found reading non-legal and legislative documents, exploring the Bay Area, and riding his bike.

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