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He claims this combination is found only around Jerusalem.Some believers think the crown of thorns was made of this type of tumbleweed. His sample of pollen grains originated with Max Frei, who tape-lifted pollen grain samples from the shroud.It could be the blood of someone wrapped in the shroud, or the blood of the creator of the shroud, or of anyone who has ever handled the shroud, or of anyone who handled the sticky tape.But even if there were blood on the shroud, that would have no bearing on the age of the shroud or on its authenticity.

To non-believers, this sounds like an ad hoc hypothesis. Walter Mc Crone, as part of a well-tested purification procedure.Some have noted that the head is 5% too large for its body, the nose is disproportionate, and the arms are too long. In any case, the image is believed by many to be a negative image of the crucified Jesus and the shroud is believed to be his burial shroud. Apparently, the first historical mention of the shroud as the “shroud of Turin” is in the late 16th century when it was brought to the cathedral in that city, though it was allegedly discovered in Turkey during one of the so-called “Holy” Crusades in the so-called “Middle” Ages.Most skeptics think the image is not a burial shroud, but a painting and a pious hoax. In 1988, the Vatican allowed the shroud to be dated by three independent sources–Oxford University, the University of Arizona, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology–and each of them dated the cloth as originating in medieval times, around 1350.The shroud is a 14th century painting, not a 2000-year-old cloth with Jesus’s image.Mc Crone’s theory is that “a male model was daubed with paint and wrapped in the sheet to create the shadowy figure of Jesus.” The model was covered in red ochre, “a pigment found in earth and widely used in Italy during the Middle Ages, and pressed his forehead, cheekbones and other parts of his head and body on to the linen to create the image that exists today.

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For his work, Mc Crone was awarded the American Chemical Society’s Award in Analytical Chemistry in 2000.

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