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At least he can dedicate more time to his acting career. Kearney and James have been dating for quite a long time now and despite rumors that they had separated they still look strong together.

Theo is one of Hollywood’s biggies and there is no doubt about that. They duo started dating since 2009 and everything seems to be going well between the duo. Rumors that the Divergent star Theo James was engaged to Ruth Kearney was all over the place.

They say friendship can make or break you and for James, there was a total transformation in his career.

Their first onscreen kiss made everyone think they were really intimate.

Know who is Theo James girlfriend or wife currently in 2017 plus also know about his dating and relationship life and when he will get married.

Theo James is a famous English actor born in Oxford Oxfordshire England on 16 December 1984.

James kissed Woodley really hard and that made it hard to believe that they were not intimate in real life. Dakota Fanning and Theo James both co-starred in the movie “Franny.” Fanning was James’ wife in the movie.

The two stars gushed about their relationship with each other.The incredible actor was the singer and guitarist of the fast-rising London-based band. They announced on their Facebook page in November 2012 that they were no longer together as a band.James shouldn’t be disturbed by this because he was also involved in acting.In his final year, he was cast in the movie stranger. He made his first television debut in the film A Passionate Woman and was featured in the first season of the movie Downton Abbey and the movie Bedlam.He has also featured in movies like Room at the Top, Divergent, and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Underworld: Awakening alongside Kate Beckinsale in 2012.

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