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If you want your partner to love you and desire you, you really can’t expect your partner to desire your Michelin tires, can you?In several extensive surveys, it’s seen that over 60% of Americans are either overweight or obese.Even in the happiest of relationships, it’s natural to get interested in someone else or find someone else attractive.It may seem surprising, but it’s against human instincts to stay in a monogamous relationship or not find someone else sexually appealing.[Read: How to turn on a guy] Look your best, whether you’re at home or out with your partner at the movies or at a restaurant.Groom yourself and awe the people around you, and your partner will love you more, respect you more and definitely sexually desire you more than you’ll ever know!

But at some point in every long relationship, all of us wonder about how to stay in love forever.

If you really want to know how to stay in love forever, you need to learn to give each other space in the relationship to grow as individuals.

Create your own hobbies and explore your own interests.

And never ever forget the two things that are required to stay in love, affection and sexual desire.

Find out how to use affection and sexual desire to stay in love with each other using these tips.

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