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Both these features have been combined together in Naseeb.“We looked at that and took seven most important categories South Asian singles look at the most, and let people fill out that information in a simple questionnaire when they first sign up.“With so many choices it is important to remember to always have high standards—even when it comes to choosing a dating app,” Patel said.“It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of swiping, chatting, and going on endless dates without finding a meaningful connection.And because you can keep your search limited geographically, you’re more likely to actually get out there and date in real life than worry about getting to know someone over long distance through email or text,” Bhakta said. At its core, the ability to swipe and meet and chat will always be free.We’ll be adding some premium features that enhance the overall experience, but the basic features will always be free to users.” However, a real challenge would be to convince the South Asian families about the authenticity of the app.“For the team and I, it is extremely important to build a stronger South Asian community, and this platform is meant to do that,” he said.“We are entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, designers, philanthropists, artists, actors, comedians, writers, and much more.” “If you are an Indian man or woman (particularly in the U. K.), it is difficult to find a compelling match who shares similar professional ambitions and cultural beliefs—unless, of course, you are looking for love on a traditional matrimonial website,” he added.

“You don’t have to be in front of a computer to go through your matches.“We’d get so many incompatible matches, going through them just became a matter of clicking ‘like’ if they had the right looks and not bothering to go through the huge list of categories they filled out.” “Our other single friends had similar complaints about this process too, and after giving it much thought and seeing the success of the Tinder swipe-model, it made perfect sense to try and pursue this for Indians and South Asians,” Bhakta said.He made up his mind on pursuing the idea of building a South Asian dating app and the foundation of Naseeb was successfully laid.Times are changing, and we want to change the conversation about dating and relationships.It should be two people getting to know not just each other, but what they want out of a relationship,” Bhakta said.

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