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Your profile picture should be a minimum of 512x512 pixels, but no larger than 1024x1024 pixels.Note: If your Slack email address is the same one used for your Gravatar account, your Slack profile picture will be your Gravatar.You can change it by uploading a new profile photo.In this video I am going to continue my series on the Beaglebone by demonstrating how to use its GPIOs for both input and output applications."Gravatar" stands for "Globally Recognized Avatar" as it is universal avatar image, associated with your email address after registering it at special service It appears near your name after submitting a comment at different blog platforms or forums.

You’ll be seeing a lot of improvements over the next few months, but today I’d like to announce the first bit of polish: built-in profile pictures.We have used Gravatar to let you manage your profile picture since roughly six to eight weeks before Stack Overflow entered beta.Gravatar is a wonderful service that lets you use a consistent, recognizable image for yourself across many different services and sites.Some have even suggested that Simple Local Avatars, WP User Avatar or Add Local Avatar could be merged into core to provide the functionality.All three plugins combined are active on nearly 300K sites.

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One basic bit of personalization turns into Yet Another Username & Password, which is annoying if Stack Exchange is the only place you would ever use it, and somewhat embarrassing considering our support for Open ID means you don’t need another set of credentials to use Stack Exchange itself!

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