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Eventually microbial contamination can clog fuel lines and stop engines….often with critical and expensive consequences to the fuel delivery system.Fuel tanks and lines may have to be removed and steam cleaned…This tremendously concentrated broad spectrum biocide formulation will totally sterilize the tank and kill on contact all types of aggressive bacterial growths in your diesel fuel. For one reason or another this very same fuel may be stored in a fuel tank or bulk storage tank for extended periods…It is guaranteed to work because this is a professional strength product for serious commercial use built to work every time. Diesel fuel has very low levels of biocide added at the refinery… because its assumed by the fuel companies that the diesel will be used within a short period of it reaching the service station. and long periods of fuel storage will create ideal opportunities for microbes to grow.

With my special guarantee you have everything to gain and nothing to lose… and our free technical support can advise you every step of the way… We understand that everybody’s application can be unique or out of the ordinary.

Note: When calculating the amount of additives required for your specific application, always use the total fuel capacity of the tank (if the total capacity of the tank is 2000 litres, but the tank only contains 1000 litres of diesel fuel, you would use enough additive to treat 2000 litres of diesel fuel).

Of all the users of diesel fuel the operators of boats are the most likely to encounter problems with fungus and bacteria for the following reasons:- Boats operate in a wet environment and it is not always possible stop water seeping into fuel tanks.

This will be noticed when filters start blocking with a black slime which is the dead matter from the fungus and bacteria.

The fungus can be stirred up by :- Vigorous movement due to a storm, etc.

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