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He was married with 3 kids and had a prior conviction for rape.As with any website that becomes popular (if you Google the word “cheater” there are about 19,800,000 results, Cheater Ville is #4) it attracts the good, the bad and the ugly.She heard about Cheater Ville after watching an episode about infidelity on Dr.

Neal has been on the run for much of the past half-decade and has proven elusive to pin down to a physical location.Cheater Ville has helped to protect and inform millions of people, especially women, of the many dangers that lurk within the online dating world.We recently had a post from a woman who had met someone on a popular dating site and was getting ready to meet him in person for the first time after nearly a month of online chats and numerous phone calls.Bullyville, however, went after the owners of those revenge porn websites and, as a result, they are no longer in existence.Revenge porn is bad enough, however, posting naked images of your daughter all over the web is as reprehensible and unforgiveable as it is unfathomable.

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There are some time limits in place such as a minimum of 60 days from the date of filing to have a final hearing and 90 days must elapse before a final order of divorce can be issued by the court.

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