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Nice laid back bottom guy looking for a similar top. I am on i T wi Th my girl and need to get as many loads as possible. We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.He definitely had a type and he was good at telling Candy exactly what he liked, ew. Tomorrow, I am meeting a 42 year old divorcee with a 16 year old daughter. I am finishing these last 5 so that I can say I didn’t puss out…. By the way, there was an ad in the paper for a “It’s Just Lunch” coordinator – I am willing to pay someone to hook me up with the secret vault of fine, funny, not-crazy men that are out there! He’s 34 years old and is a manager at an engineering company. Seriously, I should stop blogging Candy’s descriptions because they are EXACTLY the same. they said “he’s really laid back but when he gets into something he is so focused and driven that he can’t stop until it’s complete.” This behavior is a sign of mental illness…Date is next Wednesday, Sept 1 Wow, sorry it’s taken so long to post B#5’s feedback. (in case you haven’t read my 1 I got to Mc Cormick & Schmick’s right on time… I hadn’t anticipated drinking in the middle of day on a Tuesday. Not only did he cancel on me the prior week but now he’s 15 minutes late?

I have walked away from these dates knowing the guys employment, previous relationships, music tastes, travels, parents and siblings desires and what they eat on Thursdays. On the flip side, I am not confident these guys even remember my 1st name. I think he genuinely got to know me, my work and my family… However, not the most adventurous guy and I lacked serious confidence. while I was at my lunch with Mc Fly, my phone beeped with a message. He was from Nebraska and was a perfect candidate for some 1950’s girl’s school for manners.After lunch I listened to my voice messages and it was Candy with another match. She called me to tell me about B#8- 5’8, hazel eyes, auburn hair, builder/developer, 43 years old with two kids, tennis player and owns a boat. Can you tell how absolutely unenthused I am about It’s Just Lunch (it’s not even IJL – anymore)? Seriously, my 2 year old girl knows to wipe her face after a big bite.He didn’t answer saying “I have to call you back.” He answered and had full-blown conversations.They were all work related and I think he was trying to impress me with his importance.

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