Dating a cheater

Look for heartfelt apologies that ring true when you hear them.2.

Your partner cuts off contact with his or her lover.3.

And just how do you know if the cheating is going on again?

DO start writing a journal of your feelings and emotions.

Writing is one of the most common therapeutic tools used because it helps to get rid of unwanted bitterness and resentment. DON’T weigh them down with details and DON’T discredit your partner to the children.

At the end of the day, you want your children to know and love both parents, despite mistakes and misdemeanors.

DON’T play the blaming game over who caused the infidelity.

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  2. However, if you can’t imagine those things happening without jealousy but want to continue anyway, you may want to establish rules about what kinds of contact are acceptable in outside relationships. If you are seeking to open your relationship because you are unhappy with your partner, you might as well be cleaning a porcelain sink with a greasy rag.