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The thing is that he is just not very good with people. Then he was a young and ordinary boy, but anti-social.I tried contacting him five years ago but he said he was not mentally prepared for a reunion due to various factors, his poor health being one.'Jens Breivik, who is retired and lives in France, said: 'I read papers online and suddenly I see his name and picture on the Internet. I still have not recovered from this.''He wanted to cut the contact. He was not interested in politics back then.' 'He is a very primitive sexual beast, but at the same time a very likable and good guy.

We did however, mention that there is a bad side to online dating, and in-variably, where there is a market, there is a scam.

Breivik mentions that his stepmother rose to the position of Vice Consul and his father became commercial counsellor for the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - first in London and then in Paris.

However it was a privileged upbringing with frequent trips to Paris to visit his father and his wife, with summers spent at holiday homes in Normandy and Notodden, a headland popular with Norwegian tourists.

The family lived in London as Mr Breivik was a diplomat for the Norwegian Embassy at the time.

After his parents' divorced when he was one year old, Anders was then brought back to Oslo with his half-sister and mother after she married a captain in the Norwegian Army.

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It is easier to face death if you know you are biologically, mentally and spiritually at ease.’The manifesto also includes a detailed description of Breivik's upbringing.

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