Who is ronnie wood dating now

She has been writing about the relationship on the social networking website Facebook, calling Wood her 'boyfriend' and saying she is quickly 'falling in love'.

She also claims to have become Wood's painting muse, posing for him at the Irish house.

You can see how it happens, you end up pushing away the ones you love because you don't think straight.'He met her in a dodgy escort bar at four in the morning when he was boozed out of his mind. He's spiralling out of control and every time he returns to his drinking it's worse than before.

I heard she worked there, but doing what I don't know. He's not even clear-headed enough to check himself into rehab. His son Tyrone has tried to speak to him briefly, but he's not even waking up until late afternoon.

He's very much spiralling.'He's on two bottles of vodka a day and he has a size 28 waist. He's an alcoholic who has worked up his tolerance to that amount.

Sure, his friends and drinking buddies have died - Jimi Hendrix, actor John Belushi, his first wife Krissy, comedian Peter Cook - but this has not really given him pause.

Even though his wife refers to alcohol as a 'monster' with which he battles daily, he never seems to learn.

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