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Related models of pathological sexual behavior include hypersexuality (nymphomania and satyriasis), erotomania, Don Juanism (or Don Juanitaism), and paraphilia-related disorders.

There is considerable debate amongst psychiatrists, psychologists, sexologists, and other specialists whether compulsive sexual behavior constitutes an addiction, and therefore its classification and possible diagnosis.

But Gerrard, a former City bond trader, is at the forefront of an industry that is secretly stripping millions of pounds from the very people it claims…

The term "sexual dependence" is also used to refer to people who report being unable to control their sexual urges, behaviors, or thoughts.

In the suburban red-brick building on the outskirts of London, desks of office workers were taking calls from people desperately seeking help to overcome addiction-related problems.

Addiction is an affliction that causes despair, ill health and even suicide, as the man sitting in the glass conference room at one end of the Elstree call centre on that winter morning knew only too well.

His diagnostic model is still largely utilized by the thousands of certified sex addiction therapists (CSATs) trained by the organization he founded.

No diagnostic proposal for sex addiction has been adopted into any official government diagnostic manual, however.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common form of behavioral treatment for addictions and maladaptive behaviors in general.

In places where none of the above are available, open meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous may be a second-best option.

Support groups may be useful for uninsured or under-insured individuals.

Dialectical behavior therapy has been shown to improve treatment outcomes as well.

Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT) – a group of sexual addiction therapists certified by the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals – offer specialized behavioral therapy designed specifically for sexual addiction.

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