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Jer and he did the XY together, though I doubt Jer was forced exactly.

But he's mixed business and pleasure with Podwall, if the Coltonettes are correct in their conclusions. Gave a speech at his university about it in which he called the heteronorm out. I was going to say, I'm straight, but I thought [do you have a girlfriend? No, I don't have a boyfriend, thanks for asking."Pity because he is so hot and smart IRL.

Please let us know if you tribute our pics so we can see!

Tell me what you wanna see me do to /with my man We would really like to see some tributes o our pics....cum,scat,piss...etc!

Ugh, after reading some of the posts in R70's 4chan link I think I need a shower. R96 He shows his arse a bit here.[quote]Why has he stopped posting on social media?

I think that's odd, but my friend says that sounds normal. I know he's 'legal', but if you get off on some guy who looks like a kid, you need to examine that. Me and Isaac take it to another level,” Dean explained to Hello Giggles. We’re always on the phone, we spend time on the Face Time, like 8 hours [a day]. Even if it's the same guy who got the omegle footage (which I'm not clear on if it is), how would he have been able to catfish him on a separate occasion via omegle, a website that connects you to people randomly.Seems unlikely he'd put out the rumor intentionally, but he could be gay/bi. I'm playful and some say full of charm and personality. I'm here to make your sex dreams come true baby, but I have impor, please send me a message here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.Unless this guy actually leaks it (which I hope he doesn't, DCC must be embarrassed enough over the whole thing), I'm calling bullshit and dismissing that guy as an attention whore.Plus the story was the guy who recorded the Omegle video didn't realise who he'd recorded, so this would either need to be a video DCC recorded, or another third party recorded him. R293 I mean, (to be grossly stereotypical) he's a ballet dancer in the entertainment industry who follows Ana Matronic and No H8 Campaign on twitter. He was supposedly dating the actress that played Myrcella anyway, plus he just generally seems super dudebroish (albeit more into the way he looks than the average straight guy).

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