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While Carl is undergoing the healing process, Rackham makes a last-ditch effort to kill him by tampering with the tank.

Ti Asha Ra is a Korbinite that traveled with Beta Ray Bill after their planet Korbin was destroyed by Surtur.

She gets a court ruling that limits the amount of time Scott can spend with their daughter.

For a while, it became apparent that Peggy and Blake did not know of Cassie's double life, but soon began to suspect that she was "the Giant Girl".

Bill set out to get revenge on Galactus, but realized that this cost him his ability to wield Stormbreaker so he spares him.

Out of gratitude, Galactus resurrects Ti Asha by fashioning a new body for her.

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After finding Rackham, they end up in a battle with Stiletto.

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