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“Often the person has joined the LDS Church without even telling the parents, informing them on their next school break.

By that time, the person is often in a serious relationship that will lead to a temple wedding, which the [non-LDS] parents will not be allowed to witness.” In our experience, far too many Christians reject their faith in order to pursue romantic relationships with Mormons.

” I won’t quote the whole chapter here, but here’s part of what we say: Many local LDS congregations host weekend dances and other social events to which their young people are encouraged to invite nonmember friends.

Nonmembers often end up becoming attracted to the wholesome Latter-day Saints.

I don’t know you personally, __________, but just based on what you what written, you sound like a very nice girl.

Years of wisdom and experience gives me the ability to tell you this, with all gentleness and respect. That’s unofficial, but I’m sure it’s pretty accurate in the overall scheme of things. One, please watch the three You Tube videos I list below.In other words, they are pressured to convert to Mormonism.The Christians usually recognize the falsehoods of Mormonism, but they desperately want to continue their relationships and don’t know how to do so unless they become Mormons.If we’re going to make this relationship right, one of you has to change their religion.Unfortunately, that sounds pretty selfish, especially for the one (or both) of you who says to him/herself, “I am not going to convert, but I’ll do everything possible to get him to convert.” If so, voila, you get to keep the relationship.

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