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The Para Chat room will still load, and the end user will be able to chat normally without copy and paste functionality.).

Customers may choose to implement the signed applet room code in a separate web page apart from their existing Para Chat room code so that only those users who require copy/paste can "trust" Para Chat software to enable that functionality.

The demos linked from this page will automatically select either the or chat applet files based on the browser being used.

When the end user loads the Para Chat room implemented via a signed applet, a security dialog will display to the end user: So that the security dialog does not display again during subsequent chat sessions, check the "Do not show this again for apps from this publisher and location above" check box in the security dialog before clicking the "Run" button.Apparently, women in their 20’s have more success 😉 particularly if they’re damsels in distress.So after waiting a couple of days I started getting messages, many messages.Please note that the "From:" sub-domain "basicplus" can be different, but will always be followed by "".If the end user does not want to "trust" the Para Chat applet to enable access to their computer's clipboard for copy and paste functionality, the end user may click the "Cancel" button.

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