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It advocated the use of arbitration in conflict resolution and the imposition of sanctions on aggressive countries.

None of these early organisations envisioned a continuously functioning body; with the exception of the Fabian Society in England, they maintained a legalistic approach that would limit the international body to a court of justice.

The diplomatic philosophy behind the League represented a fundamental shift from the preceding hundred years.

The League lacked its own armed force and depended on the victorious Great Powers of World War I (France, the UK, Italy and Japan were the permanent members of the executive Council) to enforce its resolutions, keep to its economic sanctions, or provide an army when needed. Sanctions could hurt League members, so they were reluctant to comply with them.

Annual conferences were established to help governments refine the process of international arbitration.

Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, a British political scientist, coined the term "League of Nations" in 1914 and drafted a scheme for its organisation.Other issues in this and related treaties included labour conditions, just treatment of native inhabitants, human and drug trafficking, the arms trade, global health, prisoners of war, and protection of minorities in Europe.At its greatest extent from 28 September 1934 to 23 February 1935, it had 58 members.Within months a call was made for an international women's conference to be held in The Hague.Coordinated by Mia Boissevain, Aletta Jacobs and Rosa Manus, the Congress, which opened on April 28, 1915 At the close of the conference, two delegations of women were dispatched to meet European heads of state over the next several months.

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