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Cedar bark is removed to prepare blankets for newly born. Winter is reserved for hunting small animals like rabbits and wolves.

Around May, the chief of the tribe announced to Mark that they are ready to erect a new vicarage because he shared their sadness and sorrows for a year.

When you build Keeta a house, let her plan it with you.These potlatches were like the coronations of a king but now the meaning is gone and the gifts turned miserably cheap.In late March, the tribe prepares for the coming of the oolachon or the candlefish; the male is dried on V-frames and the oil of the female fish, richer in fat, oil is extracted and rendered into gleena for dipping food into and is heated in huge wooden vats over small slow fire; it is the month where the atmosphere is reeking with fish smell.The next day, the old members of the family packed in a canoe and left to a remote village in shame for the selling of the traditional mask.When Mark wrote the Bishop about this event the reply was: “An Eskimo was ordained priest.

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