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Jim, the boat driver and a native of Kingcome, stops the speed boat and they contemplate hundreds of salmon swimming stealthily on their final journey before they die. The female salmon swimmer digs the seed bed with her torn tail, her sides deep red and blue, her fins battered and worn.Mark recites the Kwakiutl prayer on salmon: “Come swimmer, I am glad to be alive now that you have come to this good place where we can play together. The waiting male covers the eggs with milt and the female will linger, guarding them for several days before the current carries her dead body, tail first, as it had swam the current when it was hatched several years ago.

The antique dealers had offered ,500 for the mask and the family had refused a few years ago.

The next day, the old members of the family packed in a canoe and left to a remote village in shame for the selling of the traditional mask.

When Mark wrote the Bishop about this event the reply was: “An Eskimo was ordained priest.

In May, all the men ready the boats, freshly painted, and leave to gig for halibut (the old woman).

June and July are salmon (the swimmer) fishing months using gill-netting in River’s Inlet.

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