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For those suffering with ROCD (and other Pure O variants such as HOCD, Harm OCD, and Scrupulosity), compulsions are often performed mentally, and can be fairly imperceptible to others.Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge about the less visible symptoms of ROCD often leads to misdiagnosis.

Through movies, songs and advertisements, we are fed a dream of love meant to save us from the mundane.Even the most compassionate and understanding partner may struggle with repeatedly hearing all the ways that the person they love doubts their feelings for them.One of the cruel and ironic twists of ROCD is that the fear of hurting one’s partner often results in the sufferer doing just that – by repeatedly expressing their doubts about their partner and the relationship, those with ROCD often cause significant emotional suffering for the very person they most love.We are whisked off on a white horse to a dream world free of pain, suffering, anxiety, and as it turns out….When we are so regularly fed a diet of fantasy, it is no wonder that our anxiety surrounding relationships, commitment, and marriage can skyrocket.

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  1. As they mature and request more independence and responsibility, teaching them to deal with the consequences of their behavior is an effective and appropriate method of discipline.