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Marion (or Marian) Braidfute, she’s called by the Scottish poet Blind Harry in the epic dating near two centuries after famed rebel’s rising.

Not wanting audiences to confuse her with Robin Hood sweetie Maid Marian, the Braveheart script renamed her Murron Mac Clannough.

Redox-sensitive trace element signatures and tendency to hump-shaped Rare Earth Element Yttrium (REY) patterns with negative Ce- but without Eu anomalies support the presence of an oxic surface water layer, fertilized by low temperature hydrothermal fluids injected from submarine thermal springs and/or, alternatively, by significant fresh water input directly derived from glacial meltdown.

Strongly positively fractionated, authigenic chromium isotope signatures (average δ = 16; 2σ) prevailing throughout the entire stratigraphic section indicate that riverine supply of continentally-derived Cr, remained more or less constant throughout the glacier meltdown and IF depositional period.

And of course, Wallace then wreaks a bloody revenge (complete with summary execution of his own) that soon has the country in flames.

I carry, run, bounce, toss, tackle, tickle, hop, squat and bench press my kids 100 times a day. wakeup calls, toddler gymnastics, weekend visits to grandma and grandpa’s house and constant birthday parties, your schedule after having children gets packed.The decisions I make now reverberate into eternity and as such, I’ve recognized and taken on more positions of power within my community to make sure the world is a better place for my kids.Ultimately, my mission is to make sure that they get to heaven 6. True love is defined by Christ as the limit by which you are willing to give of yourself to another (John ).I never voted, I cared little about the environment and my religious beliefs were very personal.When my family began to multiply, their well-being became my number one priority and that included their safety long after I would leave them in death.

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