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Talk is of a pantera – a makeshift rubber dinghy more at home in the swimming pools of Marbella’s resorts than in the Mediterranean Sea – which has successfully landed near Algeciras on the Costa del Sol.

The Gambians, Cameroonians and Nigerians on board have made it to the promised land – Fortress Europe.

Christopher’s parents were among the 300,000 civilians killed in Sierra Leone’s civil war between 19 and he himself was forced to fight in the conflict as a child.

He has lived in Tangier for three years after an arduous journey via Guinea, Mali, across the Sahara Desert and Algeria.

The house tell me that a typical journey costs between £1000-1500 in a rubber “paddle” boat but for an extra £1000, they can pay the Moroccan police off.

He tells me one has made it to France and successfully claimed asylum there, while the other died in the Mediterranean when his boat capsized in July.

“They called the Red Cross but no one was on duty, so they sunk,” he says with a sigh.

The first reason for this is the perceived security situation in nearby Libya, once a major trafficking hub.

Much of the country is now run by lawless militias, resulting in many migrants reaching their final departure destination only to be sold into slavery or forced into sex work.

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