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One by one each chick will poke its head out and make their first tentative flight – usually badly, and to the nearest available perch. Hanging out with mum and dad Fledglings will stay with (and be fed by) their parents for a few weeks after they fledge.

Monitor the success of the birds in your nest boxes by taking part in the Nest Box Challenge.Photographs by Jean Michel Peers (from video clips made through this period) All the pictures of this observation: LIFE STORY Text by Nicole Bouglouan April / May 2009-05-19 To learn more about the BLUE-TIT Once the reproduction period is finished, you must carefully clean the nest-box by removing all the nest materials.You have to wash and scrub down the wood with water and Javel bleach, in order to disinfect the nest inside. The birds are parasite carriers, and that is important to protect your nose, mouth and hands while doing that.The nest becomes dirty and after a short absence of the Tit and a strong cleaning by the owner of the house, the Blue-Tit starts to build the nest the first week of March.Two days later, all the eyes are focused on the entrance.

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