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However, the flirtation is now two-way, and there are signs that she sees Castle as more than just a friend.

While hotly denying it, she is clearly grief-stricken in "When the Bough Breaks" when it seems that Castle will be ending their partnership now that he's finished writing Heat Wave.

We offer antiques for the lover of vintage, we offer women’s and children clothing for those who just love to keep up with the fashion trends, we offer home décor for the decorator in everyone, shabby chic will be chic forever, quilting fabric for those seamstresses and an impressive array of unusual items from around the globe to fit anyone’s taste.

The Barn is the place where all of our differences ‘come together’…and what a great experience it is simply to walk through The Barn!

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The Castle-Beckett relationship is the flirty/friendship, and later the romantic relationship between Richard "Rick" Castle and Katherine "Kate" Beckett.

Born of the ‘Antique Mall’ idea, The Barn (as it affectionately became known) has evolved into not only an extremely unique shopping experience, but it has become as source of entertainment as well.She suspected (correctly) that Castle was using his "research" as an excuse to pursue her, and only tolerated his presence at the request of Captain Montgomery.While she came to respect the value of his unique perspective on crime, she remained frustrated with him on a personal level.Among these feelings could be a sense of comfort….you have come home…safety.Many customers express these sentiments…it has come to be known as ‘Barn Therapy’.

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