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And the other person, likewise, has to reciprocate, revealing personal, private things about him/herself.But, and here's the tricky part, reveal too much too soon, or reveal the wrong types of things, and you run the risk of scaring the other, or overwhelming them with too much information. Self-disclosure involves revealing personal details about ourselves, our past, our thoughts, our feelings, or any other information which makes us "knowable" to another. People we know on a casual level, we tend to communicate with on a casual level.And you're flattering them by implying that you like them and want to get to know them better... And if it happens to be a medium or high-risk disclosure, this trust and openness creates a BOND which serves to tie people together in an unseen, but very powerful way. The prototype for a successful date follows a pattern of communication from casual to intimate.You usually start off with small talk or some other non-disclosing type of talk which helps to break the ice and get things rolling.Outwardly he seems charming, charismatic, and confident.But the dates are usually duds, and the second and third dates rarely come, because he can't seem to create the "intimacy" necessary to BOND the relationship.No doubt at some point you've met someone who, for some strange reason, decided to tell you his life story. Not only that, but revealing ourselves to others is, in itself, extremely risky. Disclosing involves openness, a desire to get closer to another, and an implied trust in the person we're revealing ourselves to. But disclosing IS one of the defining characteristics of friends and lovers.

Our interactions with other people, dates that we go on, and conversations in general, are characterized by what psychologists often call the Reveal-Conceal Dilemma.The degree of risk refers to how much you open up and how VULNERABLE you make yourself to the JUDGMENTS of others.If you tell a girl about your dog, your degree of vulnerability is low.You then proceed to a series of low-risk disclosures with occasional medium-risk disclosures thrown in to help create the necessary bonds.High-risk disclosures are fairly rare early on but may pop up occasionally if things are really going well.

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The key to making the date "successful" is the use of MATCHING DISCLOSURES.

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