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In 1700 Le Sueur had built Fort L'Huillier on the Blue Earth River near the present Mankato, Minnesota.In 1727, an ineffective peace having been made, the Jesuit Fathers , Ignatius Guignas and Nicolas de Gonnor, again took up work among the Sioux at the new Fort Beauharnais on Lake Pepin.

When and why the Sioux removed from their original home in the East, or by what route they reached the upper Mississippi country, are unknown.The largest and most important Indian tribe north of Mexico, with the single exception of the Ojibwa ( Chippewa ), who, however, lack the solidarity of the Sioux, being widely scattered on both sides of the international boundary, while the Sioux are virtually all within the United States and up to a comparatively recent period kept up close connection among the various bands.The name Sioux (pronounced Su ) is an abbreviation of the French spelling of the name by which they were anciently known to their eastern Algonquian neighbours and enemies, viz. little, or secondary enemies, as distinguished from the eastern Nadowe, or enemies, the Iroquois.At that time the Sioux were giving shelter to a band of refugee Hurons fleeing before the Iroquois.They were rated as possessing thirty villages, and were the terror of all the surrounding tribes by reason of their number and prowess, although admittedly less cruel.

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On reaching the buffalo plains and procuring horses, supplemented soon thereafter by firearms, they rapidly overran the country to the west and southwest, crossing the Missouri perhaps about 1750, and continuing on to the Black Hills and the Platte until checked by the Pawnee, Crow, and other tribes.

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