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So even women that are slightly feminist avoid mentioning that in public. Obviously, you have or are still living in Czech and have noticed the natural beauty of these women. Oh but I was not suppose to say that because you find that repetitive and boring.- Acknowledge and respect a Serbian girls’ culture, beliefs, and heritage.They tend to be faithful and honest when dealing with men and relationships.

A Serbian wife, on the other hand, has shopping bags on her left side, children on her right side, behind a nice past, in front no future and on her head a husband.- Serbian women are feminine and they value straightforward virility.So basically, women in Serbia (and generally in Balkans) are still trying to find themselves. Some people claim that the Serbian women are the most beautiful.They want to be modern career women, they want to make their own destiny, but the past and the mentality of the region is preventing them from doing so. They are generally very tall, with long legs, with an hour-glass figure (of course, there are exceptions everywhere! You may attribute it to genetics, or to the women taking great care of themselves. Because of that, some men consider them arrogant and with very high opinion of themselves, but actually, you can approach each one of them, if you have a good story and if you find an original way to do it (just like in any other country).We guess natural blondes only make about 5-1o percent of girls in Serbia.- Serbian and Balkan girls in general are tall, hot, dark haired, long legs, round ass … Imagine them as a mix of Slavic and Mediterranean complexion.Most of them have the physical features of Slavic women with brown eyes and brown hair.- Many are interested how good are Serbian women in bed.

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Similar to western culture, handshakes are the way to go when greeting someone you meet for the first time.

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