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He and his wife were seasoned travellers, visiting China, Australia and North America, and were on the second leg of a world tour when Mr Mortimer died.

Holding your breath as you veer round hairpin bends, spellbinding landscapes sweep by in an endless panorama.

Take a spectacular train journey to the ruins, or if you are feeling adventurous then hike the legendary Inca Trail.

Emerald-clad mountains shrouded in an ethereal mist tower over patchwork fields dotted with tiny villages.

The Urubamba River snakes its way through the Sacred Valley below as you ascend the mountain and wait for the rolling clouds to reveal the magical ruins of Machu Picchu.

Military presence and security in this otherwise deserted area is strong but almost invisible.

Also, at the Apes' Den (Queen's Gate) and in the area of the Great Siege Tunnels there is the rare opportunity to see semi-wild primates at close quarters.

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