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All other operating systems are down, with i OS losing 1.7 percent [..] OK, so i OS is losing ground, but Apple is still the biggest smartphone vendor, right? Samsung takes that crown, with a global market share of 22.3 percent.Apple is languishing in second with 12.9 percent [..] I think it's fair to declare Android the winner in the mobile operating wars at this point.

Android has therefore become the most popular operating system on smartphones, while i OS is more common on tablets.

[..] Granted, some of those Apple devices were probably sold into the market place years ago.

But that 1 billion figure can and should be compared to the numbers Microsoft touts for Windows 10 (200 million, most recently) or Windows more generally (1.5 billion active users, a number that hasn’t moved, magically, in years), and that Google touts for Android (over 1.4 billion, as of September).

Differences arise between shipments of devices by operating system and their usage share due to users changing or upgrading operating systems on devices, and the differing usage patterns and working lifetimes of various devices. Google claims over 2 billion users with Android while Microsoft has claimed over 1.4 billion users for Windows. smartphones, such as desktop computers) has been dominant for over 25 years period since the early 1990s.

The third "platform" – or strictly two (or three) platforms – Apple's i OS and mac OS combined, is claimed to have over 1 billion users. The mainframe computer-era preceded the desktop era.

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