Jsp code database updating

In this example we have created two jsp pages and updating

In the page, we are using a Text box where user can give his/her name and submit the page.

Now, the most difficult but interesting part is implement a Java Servlet that acts as a page controller to handle all requests from the client. Follow this tutorial in case you don’t know how to add Apache Tomcat server in Eclipse.

Let’s look at the code first:package net.codejava.javaee.bookstore; import Type the following URL in your web browser to access the Bookstore application: First time, the list is empty because there hasn’t any books yet: Click on the hyperlink Add New Book to begin adding a new book: Enter book information (title, author and price) and click Save.

The application saves the book and shows the list, as shown below: In this list, you can click on the Edit and Delete hyperlinks to edit and delete a specific book.

That’s how a simple Java web application with Serlvet, JSP, JDBC and My SQL is built.

This example shows how to update the existing record of mysql table using jdbc connectivity in the jsp page.

And remember to create a Java package for the project, here we use the package name As you can see, this class has 4 fields according to 4 columns in the table book in database: id, title, author and price. On running, this page looks something like this: As you can see, on this page we have two hyperlinks at the top menu for creating a new book (Add New Book) and showing all books (List All Books). Http Servlet Response; /** * Controller * This servlet acts as a page controller for the application, handling all * requests from the user.

Next, we need to implement a Data Access Layer (DAO) class that provides CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for the table book in database. In addition, for each individual book there are two links for editing (Edit) and deleting (Delete). * @author public class Controller Servlet extends Http Servlet class when the servlet is instantiated for the first time.

Running the application Store the files in a folder (Add_edit_update_delete) inside (E:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps).

In this Java tutorial, we’re going to help you understand the process of coding a basic Java web application that manages a collection of books with the basic feature: list, insert, update, delete (or CURD operations - Create, Update, Read and Delete). * @author */ public class Book DAO For detailed instructions on CRUD operations with JDBC, see JDBC Tutorial: SQL Insert, Select, Update, and Delete Examples.

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We hope you find this tutorial helpful and you can download the whole project under the Attachments section below.

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