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It was the first time this had happened to me but it wouldn’t be the last.

I live in Beijing, a city of over 20 million people, with a history that dates back three millennia.

As I discovered, it is also a bubble which soon enough, bursts on its own.“Indian girls smoke, eh?

” Jason grinned, drunkenly, as I and a couple of others ducked back indoors after a smoke break, at a popular brewpub. From the mild glee that crossed his face, I knew exactly what he was thinking. In dude-speak, I was a It is one of those things that my girlfriends and I are used to back home – that efficient classification of sanskari, or traditional, and non-sanskari.

I remember Ryan, the Texan, talking about how he was trying to not to date tourists anymore and I had laughed, “Isn’t that a goodthing? My experience of China is tied to the colour of my skin.

I have had people staring at me on the subway (it can get tiring but it is never threatening).

I am often the only brown face in a bar, a supermarket, the subway, or the street. Since I moved here, I have seen exactly one other woman who vaguely resembled me, and she turned out to be Middle Eastern.

By the time you get to know someone, say expat friends who have been here for years, it’s time for them to leave. “That’s my roommate from Australia,” my roommate had once told me, perfectly matter-of-fact, pointing to a massive collage of pictures on the fridge. I think it’s sad,” wrote an expat woman in a Reddit discussion about dating in Beijing.

Everyone is either leaving, already has a partner from back home or just wants to mess around, she said, which makes long-term dating a difficult prospect.

I was way too tired and a little bit tipsy, to answer that one seriously.“Yep, and guess what? But in Beijing, it is odd and frustrating to have to tell people: yes, a lot of us have had sex outside of marriage, we drink and smoke, we have gay friends, we might be gay ourselves, and yes, we have occasionally had our minds messed with by more than “weed lassi”.

I had assumed that globalisation meant I would not need to keep explaining my actions.

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