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Here is the order of events that occur: The following identifies the order of validation, enter/leave and begin/end edit events. When moving from cell to cell (in the same row) 1) Cell Leave (old cell) 2) Cell Validating/ed (old cell) 3) Cell End Edit (old cell) 4) Cell Enter (new cell) 5) Cell Begin Edit (new cell) When moving from one row to another you get: 1) Cell Leave (old cell), Row leave (old row) 2) Cell Validating/ed (old cell) 3) Cell End Edit (old cell) 4) Row Validating/ed (old row) 5) Row Enter (new row) 6) Cell Enter (new cell) 7) Cell Begin Edit (new cell) I totally agree about jmcilhinney not-very-polite-at-all-answer ...

Mapping Name = "Names" Dim text Col As New Data Grid Text Box Column text Col.

Load Dim conn As Sql Connection Dim str Conn As String Dim str SQL As String Dim da As Sql Data Adapter str Conn = "Server = (local);" str Conn &= "Database = North Wind;" str Conn &= "Integrated Security = SSPI;" conn = New Sql Connection(str Conn) da = New Sql Data Adapter("Select * From Products", conn) da. Table Name Dim col Discontinued As New Data Grid Bool Column With col Discontinued .

Width = 80 End With Dim col Name As New Data Grid Text Box Column With col Name .

I am talking about all the events, not just the row or cell events.

Thanks as an example, I got an email from a friend of mine that happened to have a doc on this particular issue.

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