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It has a total of only 10 episodes, making it short enough for me that lasted me through a week.

is about an English language school teacher, Sakuraba Junko (starring Satomi Ishihara) whom dreams of working in New York city.

She enjoys a life of independence and has many hobbies.

Although she speaks her mind, she is impossible to hate and deals with people with the ideal sense of distance.

Makoto gets mad but the mysterious guy turns on the TV and he sees the woman being arrested as a suspect in a scheme to trick men into compromising situations and blackmail them. The “god” says, “That’s because you have a true soul mate.

You haven’t realised it yet, but only a wall separates you from the one you must fall in love with.” Then he holds out a photograph of Kogetsu Haruko to him. The “god” tells him that even though he is not acquainted with Haruko, they have actually crossed paths many times – at the beach when he was 5 years old, at the venue for their university entrance exam and at their first visit to a shrine in the New Year this year.

And now, she works in the office next to his company.

Much to her embarrassment, she later was trick by her ever entertaining family to attend a matchmaking session. Hoshikawa Takane, at the matchmaking meeting, with a solemn face actually congratulate Sakuraba Junko for being able to marry him and become his wife. So, she change her mind for the sake of the crab dinner and sat down.The cast celebrated Gakki’s 29th birthday this weekend on June 11, making her my fellow Gemini and there seems to be tons of June birthdays going around.I can’t wait to check out CB3 and am loving how gorgeous and close-knit the cast are gathered together again.A good indicator of how crazy the time flies is when someone celebrates a birthday and a reboot of a dorama series and both make me go woah.The star-studded original cast of doctors on a helicopter J-dorama (We Married as a Job), which will hopefully add more luster to Code Blue 3 when she’s added to the pretty mix alongside Yamashita Tomohisa and Toda Erika.

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Now that she is turning 30, she has become conscious of the word “marriage” and is increasingly cautious.

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